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Aintree Walk of Honour

 “Every Australian town has a memorial to those who died in the wars...each monument is draped in weeping defeat but also in the determination of communities to carry on” Harms, J. 1999

The Aintree Walk of Honour reflects the spirit of the famous Avenues of Honour to our west, at Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat. These great avenues and many other memorials were constructed in the wake of World War 1, as towns and communities struggled to come to terms with the loss of so many of their young men. Grief was on a global scale. Local families and those of remote foes, suffered the same fate.

Our Walk of Honour marks our community’s contribution to the ANZAC Centenary commemoration, spanning the period 2014-18. The ANZAC tradition that was forged on the battlefield at Gallipoli, Turkey has grown to symbolize notions of courage, sacrifice, service and mate-ship, whilst also serving as a graphic reminder of the human cost of an ultimately futile pursuit.

Our Walk includes plaques that in a time-honoured way recognize lost service personnel with a local connection but also includes contemporary interpretations of Australia’s war history from the Boer War until the most recent conflict involving Australian troops. At the eastern end of the walk there is space for conflicts yet to happen; a poignant reminder of the inevitability of future military engagement.

Ours is a whole of community initiative to link wise old minds with younger perspectives and to create of a lasting reflective legacy that speaks the language of young people. This site has a significant and distinct connection with Australia’s military effort and the detail of this connection is expanded upon as you further immerse yourself in the experience via your smartphone. The “torch of remembrance” of sacrifice from our district and beyond, is being passed to the next generation.

We welcome visitors and encourage the establishment or renewal of connections with the military history of our nation by sharing in the stories of those who served, or stayed behind.

The Aintree Walk of Honour was opened on 31 March 2017, in advance of its completion by Remembrance Day 2018. The contribution of the following community groups to the project is gratefully acknowledged:

Caroline Springs and Melton RSL Sub Branches
Melton Family History Group
Melton Historical Society
Partners of Veterans Association of Australia (Vic)

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