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Tuesday 10th September 2019

Long Walk for Bacchus Marsh Grammar

Bacchus Marsh Grammar organised their very own Long Walk last Friday morning to support The Long Walk Foundation whose mission is to raise awareness to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life opportunities, health and wellbeing.


The Long Walk Foundation achieve this through the presentation of awareness-raising events and education programs that promote understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and issues. 


Former AFL Essendon player, Courtenay Dempsey, spoke with Bacchus Marsh Grammar students last week touching on the background of The Long Walk Foundation. He discussed the importance of the signifigance for the next generation to make a change.


The students were then treated to a traditional dance performance by another young Indigenous speaker. The formalities ended with a walk around Woodlea’s active open space. 


2019 celebrated the 15th anniversary of AFL legend Michael Long's, famous walk to Canberra, in which he embarked on a 650 kilometre trek to visit the then Prime Minister, John Howard, to put the lives of Indigenous Australians back on the national agenda.


The Long Walk now calls on all Australians to walk the talk; to no longer tolerate any form of racism against any human being, or group of human beings, in this country. 


The Bacchus Marsh Grammar event is part of The Long Walk Foundations’ investment in a national schools and sporting club program aimed at educating children and adults alike to promote, develop and empower Australia's First Nations peoples. 

For more information about the Long Walk foundation, please visit

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