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Tuesday 13th August 2019

Meet the Humans of Woodlea

Humans of Woodlea is an initiative to highlight the unique stories of our residents, whilst showing the diversity and spirit of our Woodlea community.

Taking inspiration from the worldwide phenomenon known as ‘Humans of New York’, Humans of Woodlea is a written photoblog series that will highlight the incredible people that exist within our master-planned estate.

Everyday members of the Woodlea community have been invited to tell their unique and compelling stories, including the likes of John Naidu, Kirsty Milne and Lily Kelcey. 


John Naidu 

After 15 years of service, John was discharged from the Australian Defence Force and settled in Woodlea Estate with his family, becoming a member of the local RSL. 

With the majority of veterans in the area from the Vietnam War, Caroline Springs RSL was lacking support from younger veterans; John was invited to become Vice President for his ability to provide relatable support for the younger Veterans with similar experience to his own. 

Following this, John was approached by the community to assist in the development of the Aintree Walk of Honour - a memorial constructed by Woodlea to commemorate Australian troops and create a lasting reflective legacy that speaks the language of young people.


Kirsty Milne 

When Kirsty Milne fell pregnant, she knew she wanted more flexibility than her current career as a paralegal offered, so she made the life changing decision to launch her own graphic design business. 

Kirsty began designing wedding invitations during her maternity leave as a creative outlet, selling the designs online for additional income. 

Fast forward six years, Kirsty has evolved from selling invitation designs online to Peg and Pencil, a fully fledged graphic design business that Kirsty runs from home, right here in Woodlea. 

Working with clients all across the world, Peg and Pencil offers graphic design and brand development services for small to medium sized businesses including logos, business cards and websites, as well as social media on a small scale and marketing templates.


Lily Kelcey

They say there are few greater joys as a mother than holding your baby for the first time, but at a time when Lily Kelcey was desperate to invest all of her emotion and energy into her 6-week-old son, she was hit with some painful news - at 27, she was told she had breast cancer.

In an effort to prevent the disease from tormenting herself and her family, Lily felt she had a decision to make, and although admits it’s undeniably exhausting, she forced herself to remain optimistic. 

When Lily was too unwell to join the Woodlea Mothers Group, community group organiser Jono Ingram was unyielding in his resolve to make Lily feel involved, encouraging her to engineer a play group for younger kids, specifically so that she could join in.

In the three and a half years Lily has lived in Woodlea, she said the residents have been an emotional safety net for her, reminding her of the value of compassion and generosity within a close-knit community. In particular, individuals she hardly knew prior to her diagnosis have reached out to offer support. 


These are just a few excerpts, with each of their full stories to be released as part of Humans of Woodlea, along with so many others to be shared and celebrated. 

If you would like to share your own story or would like to nominate a Woodlea resident to share their story, please contact our Community Development Manager Claire via


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