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Monday 1st April 2019

New Woodlea Early Education centre opens

Young children in Woodlea now have a new home away from home with the Woodlea Early Education centre opening this week. Offering 104 daily positions for children aged from six weeks to 5 years old, the childcare centre is a family-run business with experienced and passionate educators.


Maddison Elis from Woodlea Early Education said the tight-knit Woodlea community is a perfect fit for the family-run business, aligning with their own focus and values.  


“Woodlea is such a close-knit community who respect and care for each other and we wanted to become part of such a positive community who shares our values of compassion and respect.”


Families in Woodlea can expect new purpose-built facilities with a range of outdoor amenities, including a spacious yard, cubby houses, large decking area and boats that have been integrated into the landscaping.


The new building also includes a communal dining room as a focal meeting spot for all students, aiming to connect all of the enrolled students during meal times.


“We want to allow all of the different age groups to come together, allowing siblings, cousins, neighbours and family to see each other during the day to build that sense of community,” said Maddison.


The new centre currently employs 8-10 local educators including a Bachelor trained teacher who manages the fully funded 4-year old kindergarten program, with the capacity to eventually hire 30 educators in total.  

Aiming to contribute to the local community, the centre is looking to implement a range of initiatives that will work to promote and maintain links within the local area.


“We are looking at building positive relationships with the existing community, from assisting with all upcoming events, hosting mothers groups and playgroups through to utilising the facilities and also exclusively hiring local tradies to complete any work on the centre”


Woodlea Early Education also hopes to eventually supply a communal library, area, with all families to access and also to encourage learning within the centre.


The daily all-inclusive fee at Woodlea Early Education is $112.00 per child,  subsidised depending on family entitlements.


The daily fee covers all services offered in the centre, including the government-approved kindergarten program, all incursions and extra-curricular programs, five meals a day with a four-week rotating seasonal menu, nappies and daily digital communication to families.


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