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Monday 29th July 2019

Woodlea community digs deep for National Tree Day

On the weekend of July 28, Woodlea hosted its annual community tree planting day in line with National Tree Day. This marked the fourth year that Woodlea participated and to date, have planted over 5,000 trees this year alone a whopping 3,000 trees were planted!


National Tree Day is an opportunity to look after our increasingly valuable natural environment, and the Kororoit Creek and Deanside Wetlands have significant environmental and indigenous cultural heritage.


The creek is home to native animals such as the endangered growling grass frog, the striped legless lizard, as well as a myriad of migratory birds. There has been significant damage to the habitat by the introduction of foreign grasses and plants, as well as the illegal dumping of rubbish in the area.


This year, a collection of indigenous grasses, shrubs and trees along Cascade Drive, spanning approximately 250m of the Kororoit Creek were planted. These seedlings will bloom into a habitat for local wildlife, simultaneously suppressing the spread of invasive, unfamiliar weeds. 


This section of the creek will, in due time, host a walking trail where locals will be able to immerse themselves amongst these trees and enjoy the natural surrounds of the neighbourhood. 


Approximately 30% of Woodlea is dedicated to open space comprising of wild grasses, wetlands and local wildlife. Great measures have been taken to nurture and protect this locality, especially the Deanside Wetlands and Kororoit Creek corridor. 


Specialist care covering everything from biodiversity and planning controls to trails and recreation has meant that this landscape will be explored and relished for generations to come.


By partnering with Melbourne Water, in conjunction with We Love Aintree, the Caroline Springs Scout Group, Carline Springs RSL and Sikh Temple, we’re hoping to forge commitments together as a community to protect this natural resource. 


A huge thank you to the 300 plus people who came along and participated in National Tree Day 2019! If anyone is interested in being part of an Aintree Environmental Group, please contact We Love Aintree at

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