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Wednesday 4th September 2019

Woodlea to dish up Persian Delights

This Saturday, Woodlea will host Iranian-born Shahnaz for another immersive, hands-on cooking lesson. Each Woodlea culinary masterclass is taught by a different Free to Feed instructor, showcasing their unique skills and individual stories. 


Shahnaz has made a new life for herself and four of her children after leaving a society where she felt fearful for her own and her daughters’ safety, simply because of their sex.


Shahnaz’s decision to venture afar in pursuit of a better life culminated in her hazardous trip by boat, with her four youngest children, to Australia. With her husband having already made the journey and complications with the crossing, Shahnaz was forced to leave behind her eldest daughter, who was just 15 years old. 


Despite the adversities Shahnaz faced, she has begun to break free of the shackles her country of origin placed on her. But embarking on a new kind of journey – taking up a creative career – wouldn’t be possible without the opportunities provided by not-for-profit social enterprise Free to Feed.


As a regular teacher, this marks the first job that Shahnaz has ever had at the age of 45-years-old. Free to Feed is giving new migrants and those seeking asylum, like Shahnaz, a new lease on life. 


Woodlea’s culinary masterclass series seeks to showcase the fascinating narratives of instructors like Shahnaz, while attendees receive an authentic culinary education, recipes and techniques. 


Join Shahnaz’ Persian Delights

Starting with cinnamon tea, learn how to make sambusa accompanied by a tangy sauce and kuku sabzi, a fresh herb-packed frittata. Prepare falafel from scratch, with amba sauce and refreshing cucumber yoghurt. Create a rich eggplant dip with zereshk polow, a tangy barberry rice. End the night with a sweet and sticky dessert pastry, authentic baklava.



- Cinnamon Tea

- Pastry with tangy sauce

- Persian herb frittata

- Jewelled rice

- Iranian herb stew

- Cucumber yogurt

- Cucumber and Tomato salad

- Falafel

- Baklava

- Alcohol available for purchase on the night


Where: 27 Woodlea Boulevard, Rockbank

Date and Time: 7th September from 5pm to 8pm 

Tickets: Tickets for each class are limited so get in quick and register your interest via our event page

For more information about Free to Feed, please visit

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