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Wednesday 19th July 2017

Woodlea welcomes Eclipse Early Education Group

Are you looking for Long Day Care or Kindergarten for your child close to your new Woodlea home?


We are delighted to announce that Woodlea have entered into an agreement with Eclipse Early Education Group to deliver a childcare facility, located opposite the Active Open Space Precinct in Stage 16, which will accomodate approximately 100 places. The planning permit has been approved and the facility is due to open to the public in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

We will ensure all purchasers and residents of Woodlea are kept up to date with current information about this exciting facility including further details on how to secure your childs' future with Eclipse Early Education Group at Woodlea.

About Eclipse Early Education Group

With state of the art purpose built child care centres, Eclipse Early Learning Centre’s have created an environment to stimulate and challenge children. The National Early Years Learning Framework is a curriculum designed to stimulate brain development through play based learning. Eclipse offer a controlled curriculum to compliment the success of your child’s abilities now and in later years.

The Eclipse curriculum

The Early Years Learning Framework plays a critical role in developing a love of learning. During the early years, children develop a sense of self; the framework’s fundamental view draws on children’s lives as being characterised by belonging, being and becoming and ensures our centres are linked to family, home culture and home language to ensure each child is uniquely cared for.


Our Activities, curriculum and facilities are designed to make children feel comfortable in their learning environment. Our centres aim to create a home-like feel with natural furnishings, colours and resources. Photos of children with their loved ones are also prominent in each room; the aim is to create an extension of each child’s home life.


Eclipse early education group offers a dedicated program to meet your childs needs to help them learn and grow in a safe environment.  

  • Infant care (under 2 years)
  • 3 - 5 years toddler care
  • 3 year old care
  • 4 year old Kindergarten 


Contact information:

Eclipse Early Education Group
Ph: 1300 762 911


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